About this blog

I”ve been meaning to join the blogosphere for a while, but somehow never seemed to be able to get that indispensable precursor to action, A Round Tuit. As you’ll see from my first post, people’s generosity in the face of disaster has trumped my inertia, and here I am.

That’s all I shall say about me for now – the immediate focus is helping my sister rebuild her life after her flat was wrecked by fire, so the first incarnation of this blog is the phoenix. I’ll tell you about the Innocent Leopard another day…

2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Hi, I contributed gladly, having been “online friends” with your sister for years now. She is known as Woodstock Taylor by many, I wonder if you’d consider adding that to your blog? I just made a post at iacmusic.com about her situation and if anybody visits this page in response they may feel uncertain that “Ellie” is in fact Woody.

    Good luck with the effort!

  2. Alison Moore says:

    Good point, Hugh – I’ve edited the post slightly to make it clear that Ellie and Woodstock Taylor are the same person. I was going to say ‘one and the same’, but that’s not really the case, as I’ve come to realise much more clearly over the last few weeks. Woody isn’t just my sister, she’s a terrific performer, a good friend and teacher, and an inspiration to people all over Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK and indeed the world over. Thanks for posting.

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